The Hamada EP

by Keratoconus

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This was very susceptible to not happening at all. For the amount of time that a 22 minute mini-album took for me to complete (4+ years), an 11 minute EP took more or less half of that time to do so.

I've had to set back progress on this project numerous times ever since I started drafting out ideas back in September 2014. The majority of 2015 was spent handling my second solo art exhibition "Dog Biscuits", as well as a major, near-suicidal depressive episode which evidently forced me to put this project in a coma for a year whilst I began sorting myself out and dedicating time towards attending a person-centred support group for adults on the autistic spectrum. Additional delays occurred with the assembling, writing and publishing of my art catalogue "You Need This".

There was also the fact that I was gradually becoming out of touch with music in general, with increased apprehension towards heavy/underground music scenes (or indeed any genre) along with the types of people that inhabit them. I suppose this can be seen as a symptom of either long-term depression, being autistic, growing up, being a socially inept momma's boy with little to no self-esteem, or perhaps all of the above... and then some.

It wasn't until September of 2016 when I felt better enough to continue work on this EP, with the determination to finish what I started and put something out by the end of 2016... even if it meant having to publish the final product on the very last day of that year.

In comparison to how the writing and recording sessions of "Inane Living Conditions" went, the majority of song titles and ideas for "The Hamada EP" stood the test of time throughout. Only a few track title changes were made and just one track was scrapped in favour of another more experimental track idea, which ultimately became "You Suffer Because You Enjoy It" - somewhat of a spiritual successor to "Dukkha!". I also went out of my way to, as a way to try and improve on what I've learnt from "Inane...", approach recording everything for this EP differently. Some of these approaches included recording guitars with a valve amplifier (via the XLR Line-Out pathway on the back of the head) instead of a solid-state one, using a cleaner tone for the "Faux Bass" tracks, not relying on a preset crunch channel to record vocals (although still utilising a distortion pedal and a 10-band EQ pedal for signal boosts), going lighter on the samples, putting more time into crafting the lyrics (and striving to do better with grammar), and experimenting a bit more with Ableton Live (Lite 8) when it comes to mixing, mastering and effects.

So there you have it, 'Conus lives once more!

Depending how the response of this EP and the overall interest/enthusiasm of this project goes, this could very well be the last thing I ever do with Keratoconus. This was frankly an utterly unnecessary ordeal to get through, considering everything addressed in the first few paragraphs, although keep in mind that I still have a couple more ideas I could work towards with this project. But I guess, as with everything pertaining to mortality, time will tell!

Anyways, I sincerely hope that you, dear reader/listener, can find some merit in this maniacal and blatantly nihilistic "autism-core" shit fest that is "The Hamada EP" - "Hamada" of course being in reference to Masatoshi Hamada, a Japanese tsukkomi (straight man) style comedian (as one half of the "Downtown" duo with Hitoshi Matsumoto), at times referred to by fans and colleagues as "S" or "Hamada The Super Sadist".

Thanks for your time,

S. A. Mudd
December 2016


released December 30, 2016


S. A. Mudd - Everything.

Barks on "Skin Off Your Lips"
by Bobby the Dog.

Additional vocals on "Track Title Withheld"
by Brandon Duncan (




Keratoconus Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

This was a terrible idea. - S.A. Mudd

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Track Name: Hamada The Super Sadist
Straight man's spleen
The 19th letter to its in-built extremities
Hits like an open palm... smacking me on the back of my head
While it barks such bitter nothings into my ears

I must have been acting like a bakayaro throughout my life
Compulsively absorbing negative auras from everyday things
Now I'm soulless and in splinters
But who could tell the difference?

You could only pity me
For not being tempered like you
When it's all been said and done
It's all cosmetics and bloodlust

I vomit... on your needs
I can't rely on morals, you've shut me in this batsu-game of life
Overwhelmed with bloodthirstiness turned inwards
How long can I cope with these noises?

That's why I need people like them
To make peace with the noise
And remind me of what not to become

Super Sadist, speak my name!
Track Name: Skin Off Your Lips
Empathy is dead!
Shanked like Caesar by his own followers

The little shit kept spewing up false hopes
And mixed signals from his bleeding lips
So they all took the bastard axe to him

The flocks have turned into wolves
And now they're on the hunt
For the skin off your lips

In spite of all that was never fucking theirs
Track Name: Autosaboteur
Somebody caught me
Masturbating to an orphanage on fire
What kind of knave am I?

The unspoken component of "x" people's grievances
Whom exists never forgiving his own mistakes

My fault...

How can I be trusted with someone else
When I keep digging up my bones like this?
Their names belong in the ground
And I already got my just deserts after my betrayal

The dominoes are in place
Let them roll me off the cliff
Track Name: Track Title Withheld
So you think you're just
Standing up for yourself?, So what?
You're just as toxic as everything
You've chosen to be against

Fuckers! You'll change nothing and like it!

Clearly, you don't know how impractical it is (for me)
To show concern for strangers that don't work well with me
Save your sass! I can barely look after myself...

Time to patch up that bleating heart
Because you'll just put more stress upon our necks
With your dysenteric ideals
Your heroes have been reduced down to memes and dust

All your lucky stars have blinked out
Why don't you give it a rest?

All the efforts you've made to make a difference... Meaningless!
Don't tire yourself out
Track Name: You Suffer Because You Enjoy It
Admit it, you enjoy it
Squirming in your own filth for a beacon of hope
Watch me build... sandcastles without water
My emotions have failed me, it cannot be helped

And yet somehow
You believe that I am better off... Rot!
Life is dross! What else left to say now?

Dukkha is written into our foreheads
Because to suffer is to be one with your own kind
There is no answer, no need for guarantees
This is how it is, enjoy it!

In this full strength hyperacusis
I will repeat my last moments
You don't have to endure life like this

Sabbe sankhara annica!
Sabbe sankhara dukkha!
Sabbe dhamma annata!

(Thanks for your time)