Inane Living Conditions

by Keratoconus

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    UPDATE: October 2014 - Revisited and remixed entire mini-album and included bonus alternative mix of 13.01.2014.

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'Inane Living Conditions' is the final result of after more-or-less 4 years of creative strife, constant reboots and many personal struggles that occurred outside the project.

In the salad days of this one-man-show endeavour (which back then the album was going to be titled "Inhumane"), 20+ song ideas were drafted out and worked and edited on over time. Of course, by ideas I mean really silly and admittedly immature song/segue titles such as; "Steel-Fisted Donkeypunch" , "Ovarian Pus Conspiracy", "Are You Offended, Mr. Fantano?", "Random Acts Of Cosmetic Violence", "Negrossing" (which was, by better judgement, re-titled "Engrossing" later on),"The Soothing Sounds Of A Schoolboy's Defenestration", "Doxabix", "Ulcerior Cysticism", "Borivoj Boogie (Ode To Band Dissolutions), "Pan-Kisser" et cetera.

Ever since 'Keratoconus' first became a thing to occupy myself intermittently with in 2010, the project itself ended up going through many re-evaluations. Guitar tuning and equipment leanings, musical tastes, the themes/ideas I felt inclined to express or implement into the project had shaped over time as I grew older (and subsequently more self-aware and on-edge). All that and I was also jumping back and forth with other endeavours I engaged myself with i.e. developing an art portfolio (which is and has been an ongoing thing officially since 2009) and a variety of perhaps more obtusely ambitious projects which may or may not be continued on in the future.

In February of 2014, after making the decision that I had to purchase a baritone guitar to move forward, I had finally began demoing 11 songs (along with ideas for 'Dukkha!') for 'Inane Living Conditions'. Only (what I deemed) the strongest material from those demos survived pre-production and were recorded, ultimately turning this into somewhat of a Mini-Album (Though you're more than welcome, if you're inclined to think otherwise, to call it an EP, Full-Length, Pretentious Bullshit, A Solid Reason Why Someone With Autism And A Handful Of Grudges On His Mind Shouldn't Make A Record By Themselves et cetera et cetera).

The opening track '13.01.2014', which is essentiality a full-blown Youtube and/or Adobe Flash glitch recorded on a whim through my phone just before I rebooted my PC, was added to the tracklist a bit later on during the recording process. Also, 'Dead Petal Ribbon' was originally one of the songs that I had cut from pre-production, but after a mild-confidence boost in what I had recorded so far and a feeling of disservice for not including that particular song, I decided to bring it back to the fold and record it for 'Inane..'. The other 3 tracks that were demoed and cut during pre-production were respectively deemed unjust filler, aesthetically unsalvageable and too ambitious to attempt to track. The drum programming and recording all took place from March to June of 2014, and that was that!

To be frank, I'm very much taken aback by myself for actually getting something concrete done out of this considering everything that I've had to deal/come to terms with in my own life. I don't even know if I will do anything else musically with this.. at least for now anyway. Nevertheless, I hope you can gain some form of enjoyment from this (just under) 22-minute display of mental anguish.

Many Thanks for reading/listening/sharing/caring (if you went out of your way to do such things anyway).


S.A. Mudd. - June 2014


released June 20, 2014


S.A. Mudd - The whole thing (for lack of a more ego-neutral term).




Keratoconus Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

This was a terrible idea. - S.A. Mudd

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Track Name: Throbbing Nerves
'Tortured by the past' is cut into my chest
Speak, I will no longer
In defence for my inane living conditions

I was born skinless and trigger-some
A catalyst for the death of neurotypical

I'm so drop-dead stubborn

Amarus habitus carnalis infernus
These nerves pulse outwards with discomposure
With an acrimonious shade of all perfect midnight blues
We can't all be able

Lingering on for a clean numbness
Through a l'envie mal compris
For all else is certain to be cut off
From this throbbing curse

(This was a terrible idea)
Track Name: Upheaving Coprologic Visions
Solace scythed by empty calories
Upheaving visions rain behind my eyes

Channelling of a private misery

Craving modern obscenity as a form of pleasure
That levies one with repressed
Thought patterns from an albatross self-imposed

Now pay your respects in memory of my clarity
With candles made from my milt encrusted blood
And blow me out

Solace interred in a vat of septic trauma
And the fucking same visions bleed forever

There's no way to avoid looking back
Track Name: Rokkaku-Dai
Divine abolition of my personal security
Will commence at the collapse of this fiscal entity

But that's what you fucking get
For obsessing over the obsessed
Viewing your surroundings in
Full fucking greyscale

Seeking zeros in hikikomori
I'm paid back with a brand new home
Secluded in sheets of rust and sewage

This is nothing but a price one pays for
Rejecting the now and optimistic
Count up your failures and embrace dearth
Track Name: Dead Petal Ribbon (Lackaday)
Disgraced by the corpse of vicious
I couldn't sing yellow notes without them
Coming out as death rattles
All I wished for was to be a flower

Statues I built were all disrepute
To a myth I blasphemed with my reverence
I exhumed and danced with me-mania's bones
As dead petals weren't enough for her to be well

How I've forgotten all that you've taught me
Still I gestate hornet's nests in my throat
But they could as well be gnomes

I was distasteful from the start
To (wish to) be a flower for one to trample on
I live only to spite those who owe me nought

Track Name: Health Drink
I do not accept these bottled obsessions

Why should I sympathize with zymurgic needs?
Until they drown themselves in their own resultant regrets
I'll resent them no matter what they do

This thirst for life is a deadlock
Track Name: Exploding Radiators...Playground Ablaze
A multi-triggered oratory bomb
Explodes as shrapnel upon the faces of
Thousands attending Vidcon

The other day I felt like
Chopping off my toes
Because I've grown tired
Of peering over the fence

Such is life such is hell
When you're overrun with hubris
Ablaze in a biodegradable schoolyard

You're all hell-bent for your needs
Screaming into walls that nourish on your voice
Just like burning moths trapped in a softbox
You'll be consumed like gerbils to the snakes

But I'll still gladly play along
With all these trifle fucking games
For I'm my own stereotype, imbalanced

Fun is for children
Track Name: Archive Bound (The Binding)
My mind is woven and bound
In archived carcinogens
All tears shed through them maim me
More than cancer ever could
What reasons have been put on myself
To keep me from gaia's sharpened heels?

I've been conforming myself to sleep
By force-feeding my traits with
Pestilent body-grown gripes
From a pale brain predisposed to drought

Reach your hand out to your loved ones...
To morph it back into a fist
Resolve everything in your past...
To put yourself prone to hurt again
Accept some things were never meant to be...
To feel closer to your story's end

Archive bound
Track Name: Astrophiliac
Life on earth to me seemed from foundation,
An argumentative verve mould, a chronic strain upon a crust

All that was ever loved and hated by us
Was just a mere symptom of this same old malaise

This ain't a matter of being above anyone
But rather one of a life-long distance
From a self-permitted race whose role was miscast

I give praise to the void
My one true idiot god
This is only temporary like those
Satellites we built
Who feel nothing for us
And like those dead giants
Who cackle back at us

Us dogs are going nowhere
Ensnared by dreams of transportation
To such places such globes we do not belong

The sun thinks of you not
It only does what it must
That's how it has always been
But it's always the odd ones that refuse to die off