Hamada The Super Sadist

from by Keratoconus



Straight man's spleen
The 19th letter to its in-built extremities
Hits like an open palm... smacking me on the back of my head
While it barks such bitter nothings into my ears

I must have been acting like a bakayaro throughout my life
Compulsively absorbing negative auras from everyday things
Now I'm soulless and in splinters
But who could tell the difference?

You could only pity me
For not being tempered like you
When it's all been said and done
It's all cosmetics and bloodlust

I vomit... on your needs
I can't rely on morals, you've shut me in this batsu-game of life
Overwhelmed with bloodthirstiness turned inwards
How long can I cope with these noises?

That's why I need people like them
To make peace with the noise
And remind me of what not to become

Super Sadist, speak my name!


from The Hamada EP, released December 30, 2016




Keratoconus Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

This was a terrible idea. - S.A. Mudd

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